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Automatically Generate & Ping 3,000+ Backlinks

Quick video reveals my backlink generator tool! Watch how easy it can be to build thousands of high quality backlinks and ping them automatically, hands-free!


professional indemnity is a very hard thing to do. Usually when you want to generate backlinks on autopilot, you will have to invest in some kind of backlink generation software or just pay someone to provide a call answering service.  An honest and dependable backlink generator is very hard to find.

Sometimes even if your software says that it will beds next day delivery, it is still not hands-free.  You will still have to put in some CAPTCHA forms, or create usernames and passwords to the sites you will be putting your backlinks.  A truly hands-free backlink generator is rare.  That's why we have create this amazing backlinking tool.  Get a members account to be able to login and generate unlimited backlinks to unlimited websites.

A quality backlink generator can create backlinks at the push of a button.  Our backlink generator script basically lets you put in the URL you want to backlink, push a button, and it does the rest. You will never have to worry about any other steps after that. It is a true set-and-forget backlink generation system.

The best part is that when you generate backlinks with our tool, it can automatically PING each backlink at the same time, if you wish.  Just check the box that says "ping each result"  and it will take each backlink that it creates and ping it to 10+ ping sites automatically.  Have you ever heard of a tool that can generate backlinks and ping them automatically? No, because this is the only one that exists *wink* so go ahead, take advantage of our cheap backlink generation membership and use these tools as often as you want.

Effortlessly Ping Thousands of Backlink URL's!!

Ever wish you could ping your list of backlinks without doing it individually? This video reveals our Mass URL Pinger tool and how you can take a list of backlinks that you have bought or generated and ping them each to 15 ping sites with the click of a button!

Submit Your URL to 130 Search Engines in 1 Click!

Submitting your URL to search engines has never been easier than this! Watch how easy it is to submit your site to the top search engines, when others pay up to $50 for the same service!

  • Automatically Generate & Ping 3,000+ Backlinks
  • Effortlessly Ping Thousands of Backlink URL's!!
  • Submit Your URL to 130 Search Engines in 1 Click!

Finally, a hands free backlink building solution!

High Quality

A Simple Interface

Our members area is the simplest and easiest way to generate backlinks and ping them on auto-pilot!

Easy to Use

Time Saving Tools

Our backlink, ping, and search engine submission tools are fully automated for maximum time-saving!

Variety Templates

Search Engine Optimized

Our tools allow you to submit keyword(s) along with each backlink and ping that you generate!

Extreme Security

Full Reporting

Get a full report of all URLS, backlinks and pings that you generate, in real time!

3 Fully Automated Backlink Generator Tools

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Mass Backlink Generator

This tool generates 3,000+ backlinks to any URL, hands-free, with the click of one button! You can even tell it to ping each backlink to 15 ping sites, automatically! Now that's back-link building automation!

Mass URL Pinger

Give this tool a list of backlinks to ping, and it will ping each URL to 15 ping sites, automatically! A great way to instantly index thousands of backlinks that you may have purchase elsewhere!

Mass SE Submitter

This tool will quickly and easily submit any URL to 130 search engines, hands-free! Many people pay up to $50 to get their site submitted to search engines, this tool does it automatically!

Priority Support in our Community Forums


As a guest, you can access our Backlink Generation community forums - but as a member, you will be able to take advantage of our Priority Support forum where we can provide better customer support just for you!


Get Instant Access - Only $2/month!

Get Instant Access - Even at 3AM!

Watch These Videos!

video1-Mass Backlink Generation Tool

video1-Mass URL Pinger Tool

video1-Mass Search Engine Submitter Tool


"Backlink Generation makes it super-easy to instantly get backlinks to as many sites as I want, and even ping a list of backlinks without me having to ping each one individually!

I highly recommend this tool to anyone wanting to get backlinks and ping their backlinks and not spend a lot of time or effort doing it."
Alan, GetUpRadio.com

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We guarantee your total satisfaction!

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